How Much Do Pugs Sleep?

How Much Do Pugs Sleep?

Getting a new Pug can be an exciting, yet scary time. Yes, Pugs are a great breed of dog, chosen by many because of their adorable looks and laid back personality. But there’s so much research to do, from what kind of food to feed them, to the potential health problems that might crop up.

One thing that many new dog owners don’t spend enough time researching is the amount of sleep their new pup needs. Then, when they get home, it can seem a little crazy just how much their new family member is dozing!

How much sleep do Pugs need? What’s too much sleep?

Dogs and Sleep

Animals don’t tend to sleep in a way that’s familiar to us as humans. There are animals who sleep far fewer hours than us and even animals who sleep standing up for minutes at a time. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are animals who spend just about all day sleeping, waking up every now and then to eat and romp around.

Dogs fit more into the latter category. They sleep far more than many new pet owners anticipate. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and confusion. Questions can pop up, all valid.

Is my Pug sleeping too much? Are they healthy? Do they have an illness or birth defect that makes them extra sleepy? Do I need to wake them up to play and have another meal?

In short, your Pug is more than likely doing great. Dogs sleep a lot, no matter which breed. The amount of sleep they need depends on their age and how hard they’ve played that day. Without sleep, they won’t grow and thrive. It would be a more concerning thing to see a new Pug hardly sleeping at all than to see him or her taking many naps.

So, the question is, how much time should my Pug spend sleeping?

Puppy Sleep Requirements

Having a new puppy in the house is exciting. There are so many moments of cuteness, it’s easy to do nothing but cuddle with your new little furball for hours at a time.

This is the age where Pugs need the most sleep in order to grow into their adult selves. They make great lap buddies while you’re working, watching TV, or reading a book. When you first get your Pug, they’ll likely sleep between 18-20 hours of the day. By six months old, this will shift and their sleeping patterns will more closely resemble that of an adult dog.

Adult Sleep Requirements

As your Pug grows older, they’ll need less sleep. You’ll notice that they have longer awake periods and will be more alert. They will love watching you as you go about the home, performing the daily tasks of life.

Still, being a less active breed of dog, Pugs are not usually awake as long as other breeds that always seem to be ready and raring to go. You’ll often catch them taking long naps in the middle of the day. It can feel oddly tempting to join them in their steady devotion to sleep!

As an adult, your Pug will likely sleep about 14 hours per day. This includes their nighttime sleep and all the little naps they take during the daytime.


Every dog is different, so these numbers aren’t fixed. It can seem like excessive amounts of sleep, but remember, your Pug is not a human. Embrace their quirks and enjoy this cute bundle of joy!

If you’re ever worried about the amount of sleep your Pug is getting, go and see a vet.

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