How Much Should a Pug Exercise?

How Much Should a Pug Exercise?

If you’re a Pug owner, you might be curious about how much your furry friend should be exercising.

While adorable, most Pugs don’t have an athletic physique. They’re chubby, their legs are stubby, and they tend to tire out easily. Surely they don’t need that much exercise, right?

The answer is more complex than you might expect. In this article, we’re going to lay out all the most crucial information on how to keep your Pug fit and healthy.

Without further delay, let’s get started.

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Light Pug Excercise is Key

As mentioned, Pugs aren’t particularly athletic. You don’t need to worry about taking them on long walks or runs. That said, frequent exercise is still crucial to their long-term health and development.

Regardless of the breed, a sedentary lifestyle is horrible for a dog’s health. Their muscles will become prone to tears and damage, they won’t be as lively or active, and they will gain weight quickly, which means that excess fat can impact their quality of life severely. In other words, no matter how lazy your dog might seem, you need to get them active at some point each day.

But an overly rigorous training regiment isn’t ideal either, especially for a Pug. Overworking your animal carries some risks. Primarily, too much exercise can cause your Pug to get overheated, which can result in numerous negative side effects. This possibility is especially concerning if you live in an area with a warmer climate.

To account for this, you should keep your Pug’s play sessions short and sweet. Likewise, you may want to consider taking your walks later in the evening so your pet can stay cool throughout. Pugs aren’t fans of rain or damp surfaces, so you should avoid taking them for their walks during the rain if possible.

There is also the possibility of placing too much stress on your pup’s heart. As with humans, exercising increases the amount of blood your Pug’s heart needs to pump. This increased blood flow can place a lot of stress onto your dog’s heart, which can cause discomfort, erratic beating, and even cardiac arrest. These conditions aren’t likely to occur in most scenarios, however, only the most extreme and strenuous of workout sessions have the potential to give your Pug a heart attack. Still, it’s worth keeping in mind when constructing your dog’s new workout plan.

Creativity Goes a Long Way

Not everyone has the time to go for a walk each day. Thankfully, your Pug doesn’t need to hit the dog park every morning to lead a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of at-home exercises that are fun, effective, and brief that can benefit your Pug immensely.

Playing with your dog’s toys is a great example. Tug-of-war, catch, and other classic games can get your dog’s heart pumping just as well as a brief walk. And if you’re working with a small living space, a game of catch is a fantastic way to get the most out of your limited legroom. Simply toss the ball from one end of the room to the other and let your Pug do the rest!

Of course, walks are crucial for your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. Your dog can become susceptible to stress and anxiety if it’s couped up indoors for too long. Even if it’s difficult, you should make time to take your dog for a walk every other day.

Start As Soon As Possible

The sooner you can get your Pug started on an exercise routine the better. Exercise works for dogs in much the same way it does humans; it keeps our hearts healthy and our immune systems in working order. The longer your dog leads a healthy lifestyle, the longer their lifespan. And that goes without mentioning the myriad of ways that a healthy lifestyle can benefit your dog’s quality of life each day.

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