Donations Information

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we are dog lovers here at The Dog Book Company. After all, we created a company about dogs!

Yes, we are a for-profit organisation – as well as being our passion, this company also supports the hopes and dreams of our small team by paying the bills.

However, when we started this business we also wanted to find a way to give back to the dog lover community. What better place to lend a help in hand than with local dog shelters and dog rescue organisations.

Dog shelters and other related charities require an enormous amount of resources to stay afloat and save the lives of dogs every single day. In Australia alone, there are over 200,000 companion pets put down every year because they have nowhere to go. Many of these pets have little to no hope of surviving without the care and support of these shelters, their volunteers, or the generous adoption of foster families.

To help support this cause which is very close to our heart, we donate AUD$1 from every sale on this website to local dog shelters and other related charities.

How does the donation process work?

To ensure these donations have a meaningful impact we work with a small group of charities where we can closely follow the difference the money makes. The monetary value of the donations is calculated at the end of the quarter and a partner charity is selected where we believe the money will be used most effectively.

If you have any questions about our donations or want to suggest a dog-related charity for us to contribute to, please contact us at [email protected].