17 Heartwarming Gifts for Beagle Lovers

17 Heartwarming Gifts for Beagle Lovers

With their soft paws, floppy ears, and hearts brimming with love, Beagles are a dog breed that can inspire much affection. Do you know someone who’s under a Beagle’s spell? Here are a few gifts for Beagle lovers that’ll make them fall in love all over again!

1. Beagle Notebook

Despite its cuteness, this notebook (or journal) is classy enough to be used at the office and strong enough to be carried everywhere in anticipation of all of life’s writing tasks. Whether they’re making lists, drawing calendars, or jotting down appointment reminders, this stylish hardcover notebook will help them stay organised.

2. The Beagles Shirt

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Available in multiple cuts and colours, this t-shirt can be a fun addition to anyone’s wardrobe. It’s a riff on the Beatles with “The Beagles” written in their trademark font and stamped over a picture of four pups trotting down Abbey Road. As a bonus, it’s made with a soft, comfortable cotton, so it’ll be perfect for snuggles on the couch with their own little Ringo.

3. Beagle on Duty Metal Sign

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With clean, simple lines, this hanging metal sign will look chic and sophisticated even as it adds a splash of personality to their living space. The words say “Beagle on Duty,” and they’re wrought in powder-coated steel under a prancing Beagle shape. You can also substitute them for the text of your choice as long as it’s five words or less, so feel free to customize your sign with something like “The Johnsons” or “Miss Ruffle’s House.”

4. Personalized Beagle Mug

Beagle Mug, Personalized Beagle Mug, Beagle Gift, Beagle Mom Gift, Personalized Beagle, Beagle Lover

With literally hundreds of customization options available, this mug will be a one-of-a-kind gift with a sweet and sentimental touch. Both dog and owner get printed on the front, and you can choose the breed as well as different clothes, hairstyles, and skin tones. Their names can even be added below the picture. If you’re looking for a unique dog lover gift that’s way more personal than something store-bought, you’ve just found it.

5. Retro Beagle Aviation Ad

Birch Wood, Beagle, Retro Aviation Ad, Lantern Press Artwork, Sustainable Sign or Postcards, Ready to Hang Art

Available as a sign, gallery print, and postcard set, this artwork will make a delightfully unique gift for a Beagle lover. It’s fashioned like an old-school airline advertisement with muted, deliberately faded colours and a vintage-style font and layout. It says “Beagle Air” with the zippy slogan “Fly Like A Beagle!” printed above a pooch soaring through the skies. For the final touch, it’s made with wood, so it’ll be longer-lasting than something on paper or vinyl.

6. Wood Laser Cut Beagle Mask Holder for Car Vent

Wood Laser Cut Beagle Mask Holder for Car vent-Car charm

This could be a fun, dog-themed accessory for their vehicle. It’s laser cut from wood, shaped like a Beagle, and attachable via clip to flat surfaces like car vents or sun visors. It’s advertised as a mask holder, but your gift recipient could just as easily repurpose it for lanyards, tissues, jewelry, or any other items that they want to hang out of the way. They could even take it inside and attach it to their desk if they never want to be parted from their precious Beagle.

7. 4-Set Beagle Starry Night Coasters

Coasters - Set of 4 Square Beagle Starry Night Dog 4x4 inch anti-skid Neoprene rubber back and fabric top Art by Aja Pet Home Decor

Perfect for art lovers, dog lovers, and collectors of all kinds, these coasters will be a stylish way to protect their furniture from damage. They come in a set of four, and each one is painted with the colourful and charming scene of a Beagle staring up into the whorls of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. They measure 4 x 4 inches and come with a neoprene bottom, polyester fabric top, and anti-skid backing.

8. Beagle Soy Candle

Beagle Dog Breed Soy Candle-Beagle Gift-Beagle Candle-Beagle Mom-Beagle Dad-CBS Sunday Morning-Rocks Glass

With a fragrance that combines fresh fruit and bright florals, this candle will smell just as amazing as it looks, and it already looks amazing. It comes in a clear glass jar or gold-foiled tin with a Beagle on the front, and it’ll be wrapped in pink-and-white paper that’s printed with a sweet message about the spirit of the breed: “A heartwarming blend of friendliness and curiosity, with an endless supply of love and energy.”

9. Beagle With Wildflowers Phone Case

Beagle Phone Case, Wildflowers Case, Dog iPhone Case, Cute iPhone Case, Samsung, Case, Dog Mom Gift Case

The first thing that you’ll notice about this phone case is its charming design. You can see a Beagle peeking through a pattern of soft, pastel-coloured wildflowers. There’s more to its craftsmanship than just its print, however, since it’s made with the same kind of glossy, high quality polymers that are used in bicycle helmets and on space missions. It’s a phone case that will be beautiful and functional, so it’s definitely an A+ in terms of gift options.

10. Beagle Unisex Cotton Blend Pajama Bottoms

Beagle Unisex Cotton Blend Pajama Bottoms – Super Soft and Comfortable – Perfect for Beagle Gifts

Get warm and cozy with these ultra-cute pajama bottoms. Not only are they made with a soft cotton blend that’ll make you feel cocooned in comfort, but they’re also printed with an adorable Beagle pattern scattered with paw prints. The design is unisex, so it’s a suitable gift for men and women alike, and a drawstring waist ensures a snug fit every time. Did I mention that it also has pockets?

11. Baying Beagle Adhesive Vinyl Window Decal

Baying Beagle-DC1151SP1- High Quality Adhesive Viny-Window Decal Sticker

Is there anything cuter than a pint-sized pup throwing their head back and letting out a howl? This sticker depicts the scene in its full and adorable glory, and it adds in an “AARROOO” to make your heart really squeeze. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be applied to any flat surface, including mirrors, windows, laptops, lockers, and more. The weather-resistant vinyl can last up to six years.

12. Life Is Better With a Beagle Tote Bag

Life is Better with a Beagle - Tote Bag

“Life is better with a Beagle.” Anyone who has ever gazed into their eyes will find it hard to argue with this logic, so this gift will be sweet and special for Beagle owners of all types. It measures 37 x 42 centimetres, and you can order it with either a single- or double-sided print. The material is a durable polyester that’s disguised as a trendy, canvas-inspired linen.

13. I Love You Beagle Card

Beagle Dog Valentines Card-Dog Themed Gift-Cute Dog Design-I Love You Card-Dog Illustration

“I love you more than the dog (sometimes).” If this is a sentiment that would make your loved one laugh, you’ve just found the perfect card for a birthday, anniversary, or romantic holiday. It bears a Beagle and a bright red heart on the front, and the inside is blank, allowing you to fill it with whatever affirmations or well-wishes that you’d like. You can also message the shop owner for customized prints if you’d like something even more personal for a special occasion.

14. Beagle Clear Acrylic Key Chain

Beagle Clear Acrylic Dog Breed Keychain-Cartoon Art Style Double-Sided Epoxy Charm with Glitter-Kawaii Cute Puppy Lover Gift

Small and simple, these key chains will make great gifts for low-key occasions or people you don’t know that well. They’re designed like cute, cartoon-style Beagles, and they come in three different fur patterns so that you can match them to your gift recipient’s dog. A glitter pattern is trapped beneath the epoxy for a little extra sparkle.

15. Beagle Flower Sweatshirt

Beagle Mom Sweatshirt-Dog Mama Gift-Beagle Gift

Deliberately oversized, this sweatshirt will be like a warm hug on a cold morning. It’s made with a cotton-polyester blend that’s soft and smooth while still being an everyday, “just throw it into the washing machine” kind of fabric. There is a black silhouette of a Beagle on the front, and its body is filled with flowers. Dress the sweatshirt up or down depending on the occasion.

16. Beagle Anatomy Wall Print

Bleagle Wall Print, Framed Dog Paws Print, Small Dog Wall Art, British Pet Print, Cute Dog Decor, Vintage Beagle Poster, Framed Wall Art

There are plenty of Beagle art prints out there, but this one does something special. Not only is it a vintage, sepia-toned sketch, but it’s also an informative piece that shares various facts and figures about the breed, including origins, size, coat type, and Latin name. It’ll make a fine addition to someone’s gallery wall, especially since you can order it with different frames to complement their existing decor.

17. Cherry Wood Beagle Desk Clock

Beagle Dog Desk Or Shelf Clock Handmade From Cherry Wood By KevsKrafts

Add a little sophistication to their office space with this gorgeous cherry wood desk clock. The timepiece is only part of its design; the rest is dominated by an upstanding dog figure whose body is cleverly constructed to spell the word “Beagle.” It is practical and beautiful all at once.

These are just a few gifts for Beagle lovers that will make them laugh, cry, coo, and want to snuggle their little pup forever. Happy shopping!