Wholesale Terms and Details

Sidekick Digital Pty Ltd (The Dog Book Company) is an Australian based company that is dedicated to providing the best products and services to our customers and re-sale partners.

This page is provided to all resellers prior to establishing a working relationship and lays out the terms, details, and important questions associated with our wholesale agreements. All resellers of our products must read and adhere to the terms on this page.

How do I become a reseller of your products?

We only work with a select group of resellers in Australia and the United States. Each reseller is independently assessed based on their fit with our brand and the direction of our business.

If you’re interested to start the process, email contact [at] thedogbookcompany.com with the subject line “Wholesale Enquiry”.

What’s the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

All wholesale orders have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) negotiated between the reseller and The Dog Book Company. The MOQ starts at five units per product variation and increases depending on the complexity of the re-sale relationship and the vicinity of the reseller to Sydney, Australia.

How do I place an order?

We provide all approved resellers with an account on our website where you can access wholesale prices, order history, account details, and more. Each order is placed via the product pages of our website or as negotiated between the reseller and our company.

What are the payment terms?

Payment for wholesale orders is required prior to them being packed and dispatched to your location via the payment options available on our website. This is, unless, you have been approved for payment via invoice, whereby the terms will be outlined on your invoice.

Note: If you make a purchase via our website the amount you pay is exclusive of shipping costs. We will issue a separate invoice after shipping costs have been calculated based on your location and order size.

How does shipping work?

As mentioned above, shipping costs are calculated and invoiced separately to the wholesale purchase on our website based on your location and order size. We ship wholesale orders using DHL Express unless negotiated differently with individual resellers.

What’s the return policy?

Our Returns Policy does not exclude or replace your rights given under the Australian Consumer Law and regulations.

Faulty, damaged, or wrongly sent items

If you receive your product(s) and there is a major fault, the product(s) is damaged, or the item(s) you have received is not what you ordered, we will provide a full refund or exchange. If the fault is minor, we will replace the item(s) within a reasonable time.

We require satisfactory proof of purchase before providing a remedy under the Australian Consumer Law and the item must be unused and in its original packaging when returned.

Change of mind

If you have simply changed your mind we do not provide refunds. Special consideration will be given in exceptional circumstances however you must be able to provide satisfactory proof of purchase. Further, the merchandise must be:

  • in saleable condition;
  • unused with all original packaging;

The Dog Book Company, at its absolute discretion, reserves the right not to offer an exchange or refund for change of mind.

Is there anything else I need to know?

All resellers of our products are expected to uphold the recommended retail price (RRP) for each individual product variation. If a reseller is found to be selling our products at a lower price than the RRP listed on our website and stated in communication directly with the reseller, our wholesale agreement will immediately cease and all goods must be returned to The Dog Book Company in saleable condition at the expense of the reseller.

Have more questions?

If you have any more questions, please get in touch via email at contact [at] thedogbookcompany.com with the subject line “Wholesale Enquiry”.