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The Best Dog Food For Allergies With Mel Devereaux (Episode 5)

The Best Dog Food For Allergies

What is the best dog food for allergies? That’s a question I’ve asked myself numerous times as the owner of a French Bulldog who has both environmental and food-related allergies. Well, in the latest episode of The Dog Show, I asked an expert – Mel Devereaux. Mel’s the founder of Australian dog treats brand Laila…

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The 15 Best Coffee Table Books About Dogs

The 15 Best Coffee Table Books About Dogs - Website_Facebook

Coffee table books are more than just decorative pieces. When they’re filled with heart, humor, and tongue-lolling smiles, they can also be wonderful tributes to our four-legged friends. The perfect gift for a dog lover. Here are just a few of the best coffee table books about dogs! 1. The Year of the Dogs Vincent…

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