A Guide to CBD For Dogs with Steve Ball (Episode 25)

A Guide to CBD For Dogs with Steve Ball

Dealing with dog anxiety and other hard-to-fix issues? Maybe you’ve considered CBD for dogs?

This episode of The Dog Show features Steve Ball. Steve is the CEO of Zesty Paws, a premium supplements brand for pets that is driven by quality, innovation, and a passion for pet health and wellness. They live by their motto: to “keep your bestie feeling zesty”!

In the interview, we discuss all things CBD for dogs, including what it does, the questions you should ask before using it, and some examples of CBD products.

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Will: This episode of “The Dog Show” features Steve Ball. Steve is the CEO of Zesty Paws, a premium supplements brand for pets that is driven by quality, innovation, and a passion for pet health and wellness. They live by their motto, to “Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty.” In the interview, we discuss all things CBD for dogs, including what it does, the questions you should ask before using it, and some examples of CBD products. Steve, Steve from Zesty Paws, thanks so much for coming on “The Dog Show” today.

Steve: Yeah, thanks Will, great to be here and excited to talk to you.

Will: Yeah, I’m really excited to have a chat today, we’re gonna be talking a lot about supplements for dogs and other pets of course, which is an interesting topic, which I’m a little bit unfamiliar with. So I’m really excited to dive deep into that. But before we get into all that serious stuff, I’d like to hear a bit more about your history with dogs. So you’ve got a dog of your own, I believe?

Steve: Yeah, I’ve always grown up with dogs, had dogs. My current dog is Storm. She’s a almost five-year-old English Golden. And just fantastic. I’ve got young kids, family dog, and couldn’t ask for a better dog to be honest. She’s just great.

Will: Yeah, so with Storm, did you get her as a puppy or as a rescue, or how did that work?

Steve: Yeah, we did get her as a puppy. We wanted that experience with the kids to kind of have the puppy around the house and all that, and she’s just been fantastic growing up with them. And just so well behaved and teaches the kids some responsibility as well.

Will: Yeah, I feel like that would probably give you peace of mind if you’ve got young children, having the puppy from an early age, so you can kind of train them yourself and get them used to each other and all that kind of stuff, right?

Steve: Yeah, exactly. I’m a stickler for the training, definitely train her. The good news is the English Goldens are highly trainable, so it wasn’t really a ton of work. And in the fact that my youngest is one that really…young boy, just loves treats her as best friend, but also, just like a lot of old boys will do is pretty aggressive with her. And she is just the most patient creature in the world. So we’re lucky and fortunate in that regard. But yes, she’s amazing.

Will: So the English Golden sounds like is a great family dog then for young children as well.

Steve: It is, it is. It’s fantastic. I think all Goldens in general are great family dogs and then the English Golden we just love the coloring of her. And they’re a little bit smaller than their American Golden counterparts but every bit of Golden, that’s for sure.

Will: Is there anything about that particular type of Golden or just Goldens in general which people wouldn’t know about that hadn’t had one before that you could share?

Steve: Gosh, I mean, if you’ve been around a Golden, I mean, it’s just a popular dog here in the U.S. Around the world, I honestly don’t know. But in the U.S. they’re all over. So mostly here know, but at the end of the day they’re just very, very loyal. I would say probably the biggest surprise for me because I didn’t grow up with Goldens, I grew up with English Setters. And the biggest surprise for me is that they’re such a loyal dog. They need their people around at all times that literally if you step away from them for a little bit, they literally give you the sad face. I mean, they do not like to be alone. And that’s just probably the hardest thing is that the kids are away at school, I’m away at work and my wife’s not around, I mean, literally you come home and you feel like she’s been giving the sad face all day.

So that’s the thing. I mean, the benefit of that is ultimately massively great companion animals to be around you, be next to you. But you better be willing to give them attention. Because if you don’t, you’re gonna get the sad face a lot.

Will: That’s right, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of dog breeds out there that require a lot of that type of attention. And they’re willing to give that face as well when they’re left alone.

Steve: Yeah, it’s like the amount of attention they give is an equal part to what they need. That’s why I think people have to know is they’re gonna give a lot of attention. They’re gonna give a lot of affection and a lot of love. But that pretty much goes both ways. They’re gonna need that from you as well.

So yeah, I think it’s one of those breeds that you’re gonna be away a lot, not at home, I don’t think it’s probably the best breed. I think you need to really make sure you’re spending ample time with him or her so that you’re giving that affection as well.

Will: Yeah, and I think I’ve had a few trainers on the show to discuss like behavioral issues and things like that before and one of the common themes that’s come through those conversations is that stimulation’s so important for, especially for an active dog breed that Goldens are, and like one that potentially doesn’t like being separated from their owners. That day-to-day stimulation is so important to kind of reduce behavioral problems as well.

Steve: Yeah, I think so. The other aspect is, for those who have not had Goldens but are considering it, be prepared to consider getting him or her a buddy. So because my kids are in school, and they’re in full time, we’re now considering…we’re thinking about getting a second dog just to have a buddy for Storm. So you just kind of wanna make sure of that, but she’s great.

Will: Yeah, and I’ve got one dog myself. And we’ve often flirted with the idea of getting a buddy because it’s like, I mean, I’m sure to just be…I mean, there’s obviously the great side of it, which is like, the companionship, and they play together, and they keep each other occupied. I guess, the theme that’s always stopped us is probably the financial aspect or, it’s just like…it seems like it’s gonna be a lot of work having an extra dog around.

Steve: Yeah, that’s the same with us. It’s just the extra amount of work, but I think it’s gonna pay off in the friendship.

Will: Yeah. Okay. Well, thanks for sharing so much about your history with dogs. It sounds like you’re a dog lover like myself. So appreciate you sharing those things. How did you end up getting into the pet well-being and supplements industry? What did that look like?

Steve: Yeah, great question. So I’ve been in the industry for 10 years now. So about 10 years ago, I started a all-natural pet food treat and supplements company. So how I got into it was a little bit interesting. I’m out in Colorado and talking with some like-minded individuals about different ways to bring better-for-you products to the market. And we really felt that Whole Foods, which is a large national grocery chain here in the U.S., that ultimately we go to Whole Foods, and we could get everything that was the best quality food for our family, right? You basically could find everything there that you knew was gonna not have any artificial junk in it and be the best for you.

But we had to make a separate trip to a pet store to get the best quality pet food. We didn’t feel what they were carrying in the store, Whole Foods at the time, was of the quality we’d expect for our pets or want for our pets. We had to make a separate trip to the pet store.

So we asked ourselves, why is that? Why can’t we just make a single trip to Whole Foods or any grocery store and get the best quality food, treats, supplements for our pets there? And that led us down the path of really just kind of learning about the industry and seeing what’s there and decided, “You know what? Nobody else is doing this. Why don’t we do it?” So we launched a pet food brand called I and love and you, ended up in Washington in Whole Foods to start and grew it to thousands of stores across the U.S.

And part of what really validated for me that this was a great opportunity and we were onto something was my father-in-law is a retired veterinarian. And so I was able to really bounce a lot of ideas off of him. And what really kind of showed me was in talking to him about things that were at the cutting edge of call it pet food, and pet treats, and pet supplementation was what are your clients, what are your…clients that are coming to you with their pets, what are they asking about with their food and more and more were asking about raw food diets at the time, about different things for their pets. And we ultimately decided there was a real opportunity to bring that to the broader market because we knew there was just more and more people asking about it.

So long story short, we launched that brand, built it up. We at the time had supplements. So 10 years ago, we had a lot of supplements for pets, supplements for cats, and the market actually wasn’t really there. Food and treats, there was a lot more opportunity. But fast forward to Zesty Paws, which was created about five years ago as an opportunity where supplementation for dogs and cats was just beginning to take hold. And it really can basically be summarized as more and more people are taking supplements for themselves for your overall health and wellness for a condition, once that kinda took hold in the broader market, they’re more willing to do it for their pets. And we see that across everything where the trends in pet typically follow the trends in human.

And so Zesty Paws really grew with that demand, that trend in the marketplace. And I decided to come on board about a year ago and join the Zesty Paws team to really lead it into the broader market and kind of build it from there. So the long way of saying basically I got into it because there was a really a need for better-for-you food and better-for-you supplementation, health and wellness products.

And I think what’s kept me in the industry is just the ultimate benefit that you see you’re providing to both people and pets, right? The way of keeping…what we provide, we have a solution that helps the pet lead a healthier life, help them be happier, that directly translates to the health and well-being of their parent as well, their human parent. So I think there’s that overall impact and just what we say here at Zesty Paws is we’re helping bring that zest for life back into both people and pets. And that, to be honest, is what really keeps me excited and gets me up every day.

Will: Yeah. Isn’t the tagline something like “keeping your bestie zesty” or something? I love that.

Steve: You got it really close. But, yes, keep your bestie feeling zesty.

Will: Oh, okay. Sorry.

Steve: So we really feel that’s at the core of who we are and what we do, right? And that, to me, is it’s what our products do but we also, whether it’s giving back to making donations to animal shelters to help with adoptions, things like that, those raw ways that we feel we’re bringing the zest for life back to people and their pets. Ultimately, our products are going to help their, you know, pet parents’ bestie in the way of their furry friend feel their zestiest or feel their zesty selves.

Will: It’s interesting that you brought up how, like, the dog trends or the pet trends tend to kind of follow the human trends. It’s certainly something I’ve noticed having chatted to people in the pet food industry and all sorts of stuff and the health and well-being pet industry. It’s almost like I feel like there’s this momentum building in the pet and dog space, which is like accelerating towards catching up to the human side when it comes to health and well-being for pets and people being more aware about what’s in products, what they’re giving their dogs. Would you agree with that?

Steve: A hundred percent. It starts and… People will do it for themselves first, all right? And that’s, again, 10 years ago was about better-for-you eating, right, with humans obviously. The growth of retailers like Whole Foods, and then growth of the better-for-you food movement directly then translated to better-for-you pet food, better-for-you pet treats, right? So the presence of the healthier stuff and the absence of the negative in those products. The same is really holding true for functional supplements or functional nutrition for dogs and cats. Just the fact that more and more folks are taking it for themselves to help them feel better or help with a specific condition, that’s exactly what we’re seeing really kind of carry forward and lift up and be the trend that we’re really riding, if you will, with Zesty Paws. And I think that’s just…you know, at the end of the day, people will do whatever they can for their pets, and it’s just great to see, right? You know that people originally thought kind of that the pets would get everything with their food that they needed and are realizing more and more if they don’t get everything they need with their food, right, themselves, they want supplements. So the same holds true for your pet.

Will: So I wanted to talk a little bit more about CBD. So CBD isn’t something that Zesty Paws currently has in your product line, but you’ve got a new line coming out later in the year. But I think CBD is one of those trends that I guess we touched on just then, which is a lot of people are hearing about. I’m certainly one that have heard a lot about CBD for pets, but I don’t really know exactly what it is and what it can do. So what is CBD for pets and how would you explain that to someone that’s not quite sure about it?

Steve: Yeah, well, it’s still emerging in the U.S., right? It really is at the very forefront. And it’s one of those that, while it’s being talked a lot about and being discussed a lot, it’s still kind of unclear really, again, for the reasons you bring up of, like, why your pet needs etc. But more and more people are looking to it for a number of different reasons, right?

Number one, all the same reasons that CBD has really taken hold in the human market are similar reasons in the pet market people are looking to. So whether it’s for relaxation, so for calming, for anxiety, which most folks who have pets realize that, you know, there are a lot of breeds out there that do have anxiety issues, whether it’s because they’re getting older or because of thunder, lightning, and things like that that can cause anxiety. CBD has been shown over and over to really benefit those in dogs and also for things like inflammation. So if your dog is suffering from arthritis, it’s exactly why a lot of people are using CBD. Same holds true for your pets.

So we’re seeing a lot of it around the hip and joint, again, around the calming. These are all conditions or functions that we have current solutions for in the Zesty Paws line, whether it’s our mobility for hip and joint, whether it’s our calming to help relieve anxiety and stress. But CBD is an ingredient that has some of these benefits that ultimately are beyond what currently certain ingredients can deliver. And that’s why we’re looking to it as a real opportunity is that the cannabinoids and what you deliver with the CBD really do have a lot of proven benefits for both humans and pets. We’re really excited about it. And, again, it’s just an emerging opportunity within the industry. Not a lot of brands doing it today. And Zesty Paws really aims to be one of the first to deliver it from a pet brand for the pet market. You see some of the…even CBD brands have launched things for pets, but we believe that Zesty Paws as a brand for pets is really gonna break through in that market.

Will: Yeah, it’s interesting. And I’m sure there’s lots and lots of dog owners out there that would wanna solve anxiety and joint issues. I think they’re probably two of the most prominent issues that people face in the modern age of dog…owning a dog actually, especially with apartment living and things like that, anxiety is prevalent, separation anxiety and things like that. With CBD, I guess, if I was thinking about getting a CBD oil or CBD supplement for my dog, what should I ask my vet? What kind of questions should I be thinking about before going down that road?

Steve: Yeah, that’s a great question. And we say that, basically, you always wanna look to, you know, talk to your vet first, before you ultimately go there right? You’re gonna wanna talk about a couple different things like the safety, obviously. So, feel free, definitely ask the vet about overall their perspective and their perspective on the safety of it. I think that dosage is a really important one, right, to understand that dosage for whatever the condition is that you’re interested in it for. I think it’s always good to kind of get their perspective on what they think about as far as the right amount, what they should be looking for, because there is a lot of, I guess, lack of knowledge out in the market today from pet parents about, “Is that right for my pet? Can I give it to him?” And I think what Zesty Paws aims to do and many in the industry are trying to do is really educate. How do we educate pet parents more and more about what is the right dosage of CBD because it is one of those things that it’s not just giving more of it doesn’t necessarily do well for you nor for your pet, you’ve got to give the right amount. So we really aim to both educate and inform but also, really just bring clarity to the overall CBD market around why this is great for your pet. And I think your vet can play a key role. I think a lot of vets today are still like consumers learning about it. But it is becoming more widely accepted in the veterinarian market, as well as in just the overall market.

Will: So you mentioned like [inaudible 00:17:19] doing some research and speaking to a vet is naturally a good place to do that. But is there any third party resources that you’re aware of where people can find more information, I guess? Is it something that Zesty Paws will be actively doing when you release your CBD line is providing this type of information for owners?

Steve: Yes, for sure. So, I think that’s ultimately, really, the goal is to get the information out there, right? We see Zesty Paws as a platform for education, awareness and providing a solution for pet parents. So, we aim to get the word out there, but it’s not gonna be just us. I think a lot of the CBD human brands, if you will, have done a great job in working towards educating more and more people about the benefits of CBD. I think in conjunction with them, we’re gonna be able to really get the word out there. So we have partnered with one of the leading CBD brands in the U.S.and really in the world to to really educate. So really core to Zesty Paws is we always ensure that we have a branded ingredient or branded ingredients in our product. What we mean by that is these are not brands that Zesty Paws [inaudible 00:18:28] recognized brands of the functional ingredients. The same goes that holds true for CBDs. We partnered with CBDistillery, which in the U.S. and again, more broadly speaking is a very well known brand. Again, they’re at the forefront of the research, they’re at the forefront of providing kind of that consumer education. We’re able to leverage a lot from what they do to really then bring that to the pet market. Because our… Zesty Paws for pet parents is extremely well known. And obviously, by bringing in some of that education, that knowledge from CBDistillery around CBD, we know that we can better inform pet parents about the benefits and the usage of truly this amazing ingredient going forward.

Will: So it sounds like CBDistillery is a resource place that people could go, that brand would be a good place to go as well to learn more about CBD.

Steve: Yeah, what we’re gonna leverage a lot of the info that they provide and share with us, right, and kind of our partnership, and just bring that to the Zesty Paws website where we’re gonna be providing that. But then, through different ecommerce platforms that we sell our brand, we’ll be doing a lot of education on those as well. I see an opportunity through just the advertising, the different things that we do to bring this to the broader market is really not just an opportunity to say Zesty Paws, here’s our CBD line, but really to actually educate consumers about how this benefits their companion animal. So there’s gonna be a lot more coming in that, we’re just getting started around it. And I think Zesty Paws really stands to be at the forefront of providing that education just like the brand has done for the different areas that we…in the different conditions and solutions we provide today is how do we educate the consumer that…in a way that’s both informative, engaging, but also inspirational? So those are some of the key aspects we’ll be looking at.

Will: Yeah, I think it’s so important, the education aspect from a branding point of view, just because as a potential buyer of the product, as a dog owner, and all the people that are listening to the show, I mean, I wanna know about things that I’m giving to my dog, I won’t just randomly give my dog anything off the shelf, I wanna look into the ingredients, I wanna look into the background. So I guess supplements is a fairly new space. And CBD oil is a very new space for dog owners. Yeah, so just I guess doing that research is so important. So having that stuff available would be super helpful. Yeah.

Steve: You bring up a good point, which is for us, we felt that we could source a generic CBD and do that, but by actually bringing in a known brand of CBD, that gives consumers the trust, but also the ability to go look and say, “Where does this CBD come from? Let me understand the research behind it.” And we think that partnership with CBDistillery gonna be so instrumental to the education and the trust and just the overall awareness for it. But I think if I’m a consumer, I’m a pet parent, and I just have no idea about CBD and the fact that I can then go to a very well known brand site and learn about it’s gonna really be beneficial for the market. Because, again, I think this is all…we’re in such the early innings, if you will of CBD for pets that education is gonna be very paramount. I think trust is a key player there and we know that Zesty Paws is a trusted brand. Let us partner with one of the most trusted brands inn CBD or CBDistillery and now combined will lead to more trust, more awareness and more education for the pet parents out there today.

Will: Yeah, makes a lot of sense, definitely given me more confidence in what you guys are doing with CBD. But what are some examples of CBD products? Like how would it be consumed by the dog? Is it an oil that you put on their food? Is it a tablet? Or is there a range of things you can do?

Steve: That’s a good question. So today the mark is kind of broken up into four or so types of products from CBD, right, so you’ve got tinctures, which are kind of the drops. And that’s very well known in the human market. But it also is in the pet market today. You do have edibles, that could be in the form of some sort of treat made for pets just like you have edibles in the human market for CBD. And then you got just a couple other different types, you have capsules and things like that. So the biggest today is tinctures for pets. The biggest growth opportunity, this is research from the Brightfield Group really does a lot of research around CBD and the worldwide market. So in the U.S. market over the next five years, the largest growth opportunity they project is around edibles. You think about that’s where Zesty Paws really plays and has made its biggest impact is how do you deliver functional supplements, nutritional supplements for your pet in a form that your pet loves? And with Zesty Paws it’s really in a treat-like form. And so you know, really, as we look going forward, we see the opportunity is, “How do I give my pet CBD that helps their hips, and joints, that helps them relax, helps them sleep, that they love to actually eat,” that’s gonna be the key. And so we see really the opportunity is again around the soft chew format that we have today [inaudible 00:23:32] market, again in a way that you love giving to your pet because they get so excited to have it versus something that feels like a chore for you and feels like a chore for your pet to have to take. So that’s kind of where we see it. There are some other things out there where it’s topicals for pets, that’s not an area that we really look to with Zesty Paws. And we don’t see that as really the bigger usage of it. But there are some of that as well. So I think it’s again around the tinctures, the edibles. And again, really with the edible market, the soft chew market is the one that Zesty Paws is gonna be looking to play in.

Will: Just as you were saying that I was thinking about my own experience, and it’s just so much easier giving your dog like an edible medication, which they have regulary. Like, for example, the tick and flea tablet that we give our dog compared to like, a prescribed pill which you need to break down and put in something else. Like it’s a different mindset. And obviously it’s easier when your dog’s excited to get medication and makes it a lot easier. How often you are giving a CBD supplement to a dog, is this like a daily supplement, or is it a short period of time that you do it or? Yeah, I’m not sure.

Steve: It totally depends on how you’re gonna use it. If you think about the actual use cases and you think about why a pet would need CBD, so if it’s for something around calming, that can be more on a case by case basis. So if ultimately, your pet is having anxiety, having stress because of a thunderstorm, because of a car ride, then I think in that case, right, you’re gonna use it when that situation comes up. In the case of hip and joint care, so arthritis and overall just care for inflammation, that’s a daily regimen. And that’s just like the current supplements you give your pet for those, you’re gonna be looking to give this on a daily basis. And I think the same from the human market really translates over, it depends on what the use case is for it, but CBD on a daily basis, we’re gonna have on our products clear dosage about what you wanna give your pet, how often you wanna give it to your pet. But again, it comes back to really what’s the use case. It also can help with certain pets that have a difficult time, maybe they don’t wanna eat, right? So there’s a lot of pets out there that just have appetite issues. And ultimately, CBD can really help to stimulate that. So that again, can be on a daily basis. So again it does depend on what the use case is. But we see a lot more opportunity for it on a daily basis for certain conditions that we know pets are facing. And again, CBD has a lot of different applications and a lot of different benefits for pets just like it does for humans.

Will: Cool, thanks for sharing that. I mean, I think if I had to summarize everything we’ve discussed about CBD I would say for a dog owner that’s thinking about using CBD as a supplement for their dog or even just researching it, start with that education piece, do some research into I guess CBD oil in general and get to understand what that looks like and what benefits there are. And then when you move down the next stage, you know, speak to your vet, look into businesses like Zesty Paws when you guys bring out your line and just make sure that you understand what you’re putting into your pet’s body, but also look at it as an alternative treatment for things like joint issues and anxiety and all these things that you might be struggling with.

Steve: Yeah, I think you summed it up better than I could.

Will: I’m not sure about that. But, so just quickly to round things out. Tell me a bit more about Zesty Paws in general. I mean, I love your brand. It’s got a huge amount of personality, which I think is huge for a dog brand because everyone relates large personalities for their dogs, I think. So what is it about Zesty Paws which is unique and interesting for people to find out about?

Steve: Yeah, great question. So I mean, [inaudible 00:27:17] kind of summed up, right? Zesty Paws is on a mission to enable a zest for life, right? And we do that in both people and pets. And we do that by keeping your, like I said, “Keeping Your Bestie Feeling Zesty” through the supplements, right? In a fun way, a way that doesn’t feel like it’s something you hate doing every day, you love to give your dog or your cat these functional soft chews because you know they’re gonna love them. And Zesty Paws is really about a couple different core differentiators. Number one is, all of our products have a proven branded ingredient that’s recognized by consumers and has the information behind it to validate the benefits. So that’s a big key for us. As I mentioned with the CBD line, we’ll have the CBDistillery branded CBD that we’re using in it. The second is the thousands of five star reviews that we have. So Zesty Paws was started online on Amazon, as well as on chewy.com. And the reviews and the validation that we have really give consumers, give pet parents the confidence in the products that we’re ultimately providing to them.

And then lastly is really around the fun, approachable brand that’s fun for people and fun for pets. So if you look at our branding, right, most of the legacy brands within pet supplements, as we look at it, we’re a little bit clinical and how they looked, right? Because that’s kind of where the human supplement market was, it was clinical, it looked almost like something you get at the doctor’s office or in this case the vet’s office. And we said look, at the end of the day pets…dogs and cats are fun, people…the ones at the core there is the bond of love and the bond of kind of the playfulness they bring to your life and you bring to their life. And we want the brand to reflect that. And so if you look at the branding today, it’s bright, it’s vibrant, it’s a little bit whimsical and clever [inaudible 00:29:11] things it does. And we feel that’s got to reflect that passion you have for your pet and makes it something that you’re excited to go after. So we really do feel the branding and the look and the feel is something that separates Zesty Paws and really makes it stand out through again, those vibrant colors and the vibrant kind of design that we have out there.

So I’d say last is kind of what you’re seeing with talking about CBD is how do we stay at the forefront of what’s best for your pet. And so we aim to really bring that educational platform and that information to consumers so you don’t have to spend hours researching on your own about these things. We’re gonna try and distill it down in a simple easy to understand way that really makes it more informative and ultimately advise a solution that’s a little bit clearer as to why you would need this and how you’re gonna administer it for your pet. So I think that clarity and that kind of education piece is another big aspect of what really allows Zesty Paws to stand out from the rest out there.

Will: Yeah, It’s funny, you mentioned the brand and your website and everything like that because, it sounds a bit cheesy, but I personally enjoyed looking on your website, there’s so much great information about each of your products, which educates people. But it’s just like it’s a fun website, there’s lots of fun brand to experience. You’ve got all the characters for the team, and everything about it for me just again, as you said, it kind of made me happy about the experience I was gonna have with you. It made me like almost relate it to my relationship with my dog in a way, so you’ve done a great job with all of that.

Steve: Thank you. You honestly summed it up perfect. It’s exactly what we hoped for it to do. And I think just the fact that it reflects how people feel about their dog, how they feel about their cat, just that excitement that their companion brings to them on a daily basis is exactly what we are hoping that the brand brings to you as well. So thank you for that.

Will: That’s okay. So is that the best place for people to find out more, zestypaws.com? Or is there other places they can go as well?

Steve: Yeah, you can find us on…I mean, zestypaws.com is definitely the best place, right? You also can find us on Instagram. So we’re on Instagram @zestypaws and I think that is the best place to sort of hear the voice of Zesty Paws on a regular basis and kind of see what we’re about and engage with the brand. But as far as information goes, really learning about the products in the brand, [inaudible 00:31:33] zestypaws.com is the best place to go.

Will: Perfect. Well, I’ll share the Instagram and zestypaws.com in the show notes and everywhere else that we’re sharing the show. Steve, thanks so much for coming on “The Dog Show” today. I’ve really enjoyed the chat. I’ve learned a huge amount about CBD oil and everything to do with Zesty Paws. So I really appreciate your time.

Steve: No, my pleasure Will, thanks for having me on. Really enjoyed it. And kudos on the great show. Thanks again, appreciate that.

Will: Thank you.

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