A Cute List of High-Quality Dachshund Pictures

A Cute List of High-Quality Dachshund Pictures

Dachshunds have come a long way from being ruthless badger hunters to loving house dogs.

It’s easy to admire their floppy ears, pointy snouts, and long little sausage-like bodies. Known for their spunky and playful personalities, they give their owners years’ of entertainment, enjoyment, and exercise.

This is one article in a series of dog picture lists celebrating different breeds. To celebrate the Doxie, we’ve collated a list of cute Dachshund pictures from around the web. Enjoy!

Funny Dachshund Pictures

If you have ever been around a Dachshund, you know how hysterical they can be. Their body language speaks volumes and they tend to be very vocal and theatrical to show how they feel. This can be extremely comical to watch, especially when they are ready to get rowdy. Each Doxie will have its own individual style of hilariousness that will keep you amused on the daily.

Playful Pictures of Dachshunds

Dachshunds love to play, even as they grow older. They were bred to chase small animals such as badgers or rabbits, but most don’t get an opportunity to chase rodents down tunnels anymore. That doesn’t stop them from chasing a ball with the same determination! They seem to never tire of running after a ball or frisbee and won’t stop until you do. Some even throw the toy for themselves!

Cute Dachshund Pictures

Aside from the adorable actions of your Dachshund, they are pleasing to the eyes as well. Their long bodies, bowed feet, and doe eyes will melt your heart. In these Dachshund pictures alone, you can see they come in a variety of colors, patterns and coat textures, showing off just how unique each Doxie can be. The short, stubby legs of a Dachshund keep them looking like a cute, adorable puppy even into adulthood.

Sad Dachshund Pictures

Dachshunds can show sadness in a variety of ways. Whether it is depression, grief or just a momentary pout from getting into trouble – they openly show their emotions. Even though Dachshunds are normally happy animals, one thing makes them extremely sad. They cannot stand to be away from their owners. These dogs are social and completely devoted to their owners. Often, they will lay where they can see the door or out a window to wait for their human to return home. They desire companionship, don’t like to be left alone, and might have anxiety if left for too long.

Adventurous Pictures of Dachshunds

Dachshunds are notoriously adventurous dogs. Since they were bred to be hunters, scouting is always a lot of fun for them. With their small statures, you may think they aren’t up for a hike, but you couldn’t be more mistaken. Dachshunds absolutely love a good stroll. They are also more than capable of walking in rough terrain. Don’t be surprised if they can out-hike you. These cuties are full of wanderlust.

Sleepy Dachshund Pictures

While dachshunds are very playful, spirited dogs, they do sleep a lot. It is reported that they can sleep up to 70% of any given day. So, if you notice your four-legged friend is taking out time for a long series of quick snoozes, this is to be expected. But do be mindful. Dogs can also sleep out of boredom or lack of stimulation so make sure they have enough to do. If your Dachshund goes missing, you can almost guarantee, they are curled up asleep somewhere.

Cuddly Dachshund Pictures

Dachshunds may look cuddly, but looks can be deceiving! ‘Lapdog’ is not necessarily a good description of a Doxie. While they will often shower you in love on their terms, this breed is notoriously headstrong. That doesn’t mean they won’t get on your lap or crawl into your bed for a good snuggle. This simply means, in most cases, they cuddle when they want to. They run the show.

Naughty Pictures of Dachshunds

Dachshunds are known for their – well, independent natures. They can be extremely stubborn and are cunningly clever to boot. This means, if bad behaviour is to be had, they will be able to execute it well. From difficulty potty-training to their natural orneriness, they can be tough cookies to crack. They require regular schedules, consistent training, and appropriate discipline when warranted.

Crazy Dachshund Pictures

Dachshunds are highly energetic and excitable. At the drop of a dime, they are ready to play. Due to their desire for ongoing stimulation, they may seem impossible to train sometimes, especially seeing they are strong-willed and do what they want. But the odd bout of craziness is always in good fun!

Wrapping up

If these Dachshund pictures don’t warm your soul, nothing will! Doxies are a hilarious, cute, energetic, and an extremely loyal breed of dog that is loved the world over. Despite their size, they make excellent watchdogs and are seriously brave. One thing is for sure, there will never be a dull moment if you have a Dachshund in your life!

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The images in this post were sourced on PixabayUnsplash, and Bigstock.

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