The Best Dog Breed For Me Based On 9 Personality Types

The Best Dog Breed For Me Based On 9 Personality Types

Note: This is a guest post written byArslan Hassan. Thanks, Arslan!

Getting a dog is a big decision that requires proper thinking and hard work. Just as we humans come with different personalities that may not always complement another’s, dogs too have personalities. And if you’re planning on bonding and having a good time with your pet, their personalities need to be compatible with yours.

Finding a dog that will be compatible with your personality type isn’t hard work. One way to do this is to take a Myers-Briggs type indicator test which can easily be found over the internet.

The test has a series of questions on which your results will be based. In the end, you’ll be given a four-letter code that indicates your personality type: introvert or extrovert, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. 

With the results from the Myers-Briggs test and our useful guide, you can easily choose which furry BFF to bring home!

How to Choose a Dog Breed for These 9 Personality Types

1. What dog should an ISTJ get? German Shepherd

People with an ISTJ personality have unique strengths. They usually tend to keep to themselves and not overshare. They have a practical and realistic approach in life and are also quiet with little interest in too much human interaction. For these personality traits, we choose the German Shepherd.

Although energetic and curious, German Shepherds perfectly complement your personality type. They’re obedient and intelligent. They may also have difficulty expressing their emotions and feelings like people with an ISTJ type personality.

German Shepherds also tend to be introverts and less goofy, so you don’t have to worry about entertaining your dog 24/7, especially when you have too much on your mind. Overall, the courage, loyalty, reservedness, and confidence of these beautiful dogs will make them the best furry friend you’ll ever have!

2.What dog should an INTP get? Poodle

The INTP personality type values their peace above everything else. You prefer to be in a quiet environment and either daydream or spend your time thinking about everything you possibly can, from how things are going to solutions to various problems in your life. The best part is that you enjoy your own company. You’re analytical and also intelligent.

You need a dog that will tend to be sensitive to your mood changes and also understand that when you’re drowned in your thoughts, social interaction won’t be your favorite thing to do which is why we consider Poodles to be the best dog for you.

They’re easy to train and also incredibly shy. You’ll rarely ever see a poodle acting aggressively. They’re also considerate to their owner’s mood, which makes them the ideal dog breed for INTP.

3.What dog should an ISFJ get? Bernedoodle

The ISFJ types or ”the nurturers” are keen on maintaining discipline and order in almost every aspect of their lives. Apart from this, they also tend to be extremely compassionate and are always thinking of others before themselves. If you’re an ISFJ type, you also have some remarkable strengths, such as loyalty and striving to work hard. You’re also enthusiastic and sometimes goofy.

A dog breed that will prove to be compatible with your personality is the Bernedoodle. These gorgeous dogs are equally as affectionate as you, and their loyalty is unmatched. They also tend to get along well with other dogs and children if they’ve socialized enough and sometimes may get goofy when they’re in the mood for fun. Therefore, they’ll make the perfect companions for you!

4.What dog should an INFJ get? Beagle

If there’s anything an INFJ personality type loves, it’s to help others. Other than being there to lend a helping hand, these people are also idealists – they walk the talk. They’re organized and logical but also emotional and sometimes tend to get overly sensitive.

The best dog breed for the INFJ personality type is the Beagle. Beagles are small dogs that get along with kids and adults alike. They’re determined, and idealists just like you and also tend to be gentle and good-tempered. However, they do require playtime and attention, but overall, we believe them to be completely compatible with INFJ types.

5.What dog should an INTJ get? Australian Shepherd

People with an INTJ personality type are confident, analytical, and goal-oriented. Always coming up with new ideas, they also have the drive to bring them to life. They’re extremely focused and perfect problem solvers.

For someone with an INTJ, we consider the Australian Shepherd to be the ideal dog breed. The Australian Shepherd is smart, intelligent, and equally focused, and curious as to their human personality match. They’ll make the perfect friend for you if you have an INTJ personality type!

6.What dog should an ISTP get? Black Russian Terrier

Do you always find yourself curious to figure out how certain things work and why something is the way it is? That is how the mind tends to work for people with the ISTP personality type. These people enjoy spending time alone and are always energized to move from one phase to another. And that is why having a dog that can keep up with the pace is important.

Created in the USSR for military work, Black Russian Terriers are calm, energetic, and just as strong as their owners tend to be. These curious guys also love looking for things to do, so we consider them the perfect match for you!

7.What dog should an ENFP get? Labrador Retriever 

People with an ENFP personality have a unique desire for experiencing new things and going on adventures. They’re energetic, warm, and get along amazingly well with others which is why we consider Labrador Retrievers to be uniquely compatible with them!

These adorable little dogs will be ready to go anywhere with you, whether it’s for a swim in the ocean or out for a long drive!

8.What dog should an ENTP get? French Bulldog

People with an ENTP personality type tend to be innovative, clever, and driven by their ideas. However, sometimes they’re stubborn and will go against any resistance to achieve what they want.

For this personality type, the French Bulldog is the one! They’re friendly, loving, energic, and sometimes equally as stubborn as their owners. They also tease you once in a while by running away with your socks or chewing on your favorite pair of shoes. But overall, they’re a bundle of joy you’ll enjoy spending every minute with!

9.What dog should an ESFJ get? Bichon Frise

ESFJ – also known as caretakers, tend to be extroverts who thrive on social interactions. They’re loyal and energetic and also gentle and people-focused. For people with an ESFJ personality, there’s no better match than the Bichon Frise.

These little furballs are social creatures who are equally as outgoing as their owners and playful, kind, and loving. They will also do anything to make you happy!

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Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. But he also loves dogs! His educational background has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.