16 Examples of Pug Stationery That Will Look Perfect on Your Desk

16 Examples of Pug Stationery You Need

Have you ever shopped for Pug stationery?

There are some seriously cute products out there. There are also sleek ones, stylish ones, kitschy ones, and stationery that’ll make you burst out laughing with how accurately they depict our favorite little furbabies.

If you’re in the market for Pug-themed stationery, here are just a few products consider!

1. Pug Print Weekly Desk Pad


Stay on top of your appointments and reminders with this weekly dog planner. It has writing space for every day of the week, including the weekend, and it’s framed with pretty, playful Pugs in multiple colors. They’re frolicking around the border; they’re stretching out their front legs and sticking up their rear ends in a clear invitation to play. They’re sure to put a smile on your face even as you tackle all of the day’s challenges with an army of to-do lists.

2. 5-Set Pug Bookmarks


If you’ve read A Dog’s Purpose a hundred times, these cute and unique bookmarks will be right up your alley. They come in a set of five, and each one depicts a smart, studious Pug with a stack of books. Visible titles include How to Play Fetch and The Art of Dog Walking. From the vibrant colors to the cheeky details, these are definitely bookmarks that will get used again and again by your favorite page-turning Pug lover.

3. Black Faux Leather Pug Notebook


With almost 100 double-sided pages, this notebook will offer ample space for working, studying, journaling and more. The front cover is made from black PU leather, and the straight spine, tight binding and elastic band cover will keep everything secure even as the notebook lays perfectly flat for ease of use. The best part is the debossed Pug on the front! It’s subtle but stylish for sophisticated note-taking.

4. Personalized Pug Note Cards

Personalized // Note Cards // Pug // High Quality // 12 Note image 0

Plain but cute, these note cards can be used for birthdays, thank-yous, office memos, appointment reminders, and more. Each one measures 6.25 x 4.5 inches and is printed on thick white card stock with a matching envelope. A colorful Pug is printed on the top, and you can add the text of your choice with a variety of font, color, and placement options. Order them for yourself; customize them as a Pug-themed gift; hand them out to customers and clients. They’re sure to get an “aww” from whoever sees them!

5. Pug Planner Stickers


Though they’re advertised as planner stickers, these sweet little Pugs could be used with letters, notebooks, journals, calendars, or whatever other Pug stationery creations you desire. There are 12 in total, and each one has a unique design of a Pug doing something cute or silly. From begging with both paws up to sprawling on the floor with their tongue rolling out, these pups will definitely add some liveliness to your desktop.

6. Pug Dog Letter Writing Paper and Stickers Stationery Set

Pug-Dog-Unique-Stationery Set-Letter-Writing-Paper-&-Stickers

If you can’t decide between papers, stickers, and envelopes, why don’t you go ahead and buy them all? This Pug stationery set includes all three items with an adorable, hand-drawn Pug in the corner and a scattering of paw prints around the edges of the paper. You can also choose to buy the paper alone or the paper-and-sticker set if you so choose. They’re pawsitively delightful, so don’t be afraid to stock up.

7. Pug Face Rubber Stamp


While not a piece of stationery itself, this stamp will make a wonderful addition to a crafting or letter-writing desk. Its wooden handle has a timeless look, but its rubber seal is all modern: It’ll stamp the face of a Pug! You can order it as everything from a .5 inch “mini” to a 1.25 inch “large,” so it doesn’t matter whether you’re stamping notes, envelopes, memos, or cards. You can find the right stamp for you.

8. Watercolor Pug Postcard Set


Beautifully rendered in a watercolor style, these Pugs have all of the lifelike details of the breed, including their furry face wrinkles and cute little neck rolls. They aren’t just nice pieces of artwork, however; they’re postcards that you can send through the mail to show someone that you care. They come in a four-piece set with each postcard showcasing a different Pug. In other words, they’re four potential pieces of love to send out to different corners of the world!

9. Pugtastic Day Notepad-Style Daily Planner

A5-Daily-Planner-Cute Pug-Design-Pug Daily-Planner-Pug-Memo-Pad-Pug-Notepad-Stationery-Organizer-To-do-list -Agenda

“Have a Pugtastic day!” If that doesn’t make you smile in the morning, what else will? This daily planner is designed like a writing pad with rip-off sheets that you can keep pinned to your computer or whiteboard. It has more structure, however, thanks to its different sections for dates, notes, priorities, intentions, and to-do lists. No matter how you choose to organize your thoughts, you’ll find space for it here. Let’s not forget the cute little Pug waving from the top of every sheet, too!

10. I’ll Do It Tomorrow Pug Notepad

P.L. the Pug-Notepad-I'll-Do-It-Tomorrow-100%-Recycled-Post-Consumer-Paper-Cute-Pet-Dog-Animal-Pug-Life-Character-Art-Stationary

Perfect for procrastinators, this notepad is dominated by the image of a sunglasses-wearing Pug leaning back against a gigantic bone cushion while also spitting out more bones like cigarettes. “I’ll do it tomorrow,” it says at the top. Its name is P.L. the Pug, and he’s free from the concerns of the modern world even if we aren’t. Let P.L. into your life if you want to bring some attitude to your desk!

11. Flowers for You Blank Pug Cards


Another great set of blank cards, these are printed with a pure black Pug with a bouquet of flowers in its mouth. The puppy dog eyes are huge, and the text says simply, “Hello.” It’ll definitely squeeze the heart of whoever receives it, so if you’re looking to make an impression for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, consider ordering these cards. There are eight in total, so you can spread the cuteness for quite a while.

12. Pug Bee Washi Tape


The only thing cuter than a Pug is a Pug in a costume, and with this washi tape, you can enjoy that truly bee-utiful sight! The tape is a bright, happy yellow, and the print is a bumblebee Pug flying through the air with wings and a yellow-and-black sweater. As with any washi tape, you can use it for crafting, journaling, scrapbooking and gift wrapping. It’s as sweet as honey and twice as adorable!

13. Floral Pug Spiral Notebook


If you have a kind, gentle pup, this notebook will bring them to mind with its soft pastel colors and floral print. It measures 6 x 8 inches, so it’s nice and portable, and it has a spiral binding for both style and ease of use. Just flip open to any of the 118 wide-ruled pages and start writing, doodling, scribbling or list making. The sweet and placid Pug on the front cover will accept any of your thoughts and dreams!

14. Monochrome Pug Wrapping Paper


Pug-themed wrapping paper is usually very colorful and kitsch, but this roll has more of a sophisticated look. It’s printed with a high-contrast black and white color scheme, and the Pugs have been sketched with messy, artistic lines. It looks like an art print that’s been turned into wrapping paper. If you want to give high-quality gifts an elegant finish, this wrapping paper will be the crown jewel of your work!

15. Pug Lover Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Cards


“Happy Barkday!” “Pugs and Kisses.” “I Pugging Love You.” These are just a few of the well-wishes included with this Pug-themed card set. You can order them individually or as a pack of five, and each one will be printed on recycled card stock and tucked into a recycled brown cardboard envelope. This is a purchase that will be good for the soul and good for the environment, so if you’re looking for a great birthday, anniversary, or “just because” card, consider this set.

16. Customized Pug Return Address Stamp


Another great stamp, this one has the silhouette of a Pug poking out its rear end, and it can be customized with your name and address to make it serve as a letter topper or envelope seal. You can order it as a traditional inkpad stamp or a more modern, self-inking stamp; both will have a wooden base and rubber seal. If you’re ready to save some time at the office while also putting your unique personal flair on all of your correspondence, this is the stamp to do it!

These are just a few pieces of Pug stationery that’ll bring new life to your letters, cards, memos, journals and planners. There are so many things that you can do with a pen and a big imagination, so let these stationery pieces bring out the best of your creative spirit and your eternal love of Pugs!